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The Blooming Post Lamp is a modern take on the glass and metal floor lamps popular in the 1970’s. Our interpretation, designed in collaboration with Canadian glass artist Karli Sears, starts with a stretch rod that adjusts to the height of your ceiling.  Along the rod sits 12 hand blown glass orbs that shine light in different angles. 5 colors- Opaque White, Clear, and Translucent Sea Blue, Smoke and Bronze. The Blooming Post Lamp can be wired from the ceiling if a junction box is present, or plugged in from the bottom into a nearby outlet and placed anywhere in your space. Perfect in a corner of a living room, as a bedside lamp, study, and in condos with concrete ceilings.

As shown in image– 12 glass bulbs in various sizes (3″, 4.5″ and 6″D) in White, Translucent Smoke and Bronze on a black metal stretch rod.

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